Yuva Shakthi

Youth Welfare Association, Chennai

Seminar on Swami Vivekananda’s Vision for Young India

Viveka Seminar'14

Yuva Shakthi celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda by conducting an intercollegiate seminar on ‘SwamiVivekananda’s Vision for Young India’ on 08/01/14 at Sri Ramanujar Engineering College, in tie up with the NSS of Anna University and the NSS unit of Sri Ramanujar Engineering College.

Swami Athmashraddhananda, editor of Vedanta Kesari was the chief guest. He released the book, “Model for the Modern Youth”, a compilation of essays about Swami Vivekananda, written by Mr.Pramod Kumar, cultural coordinator of Amrita University. After the book release, Swami ji addressed the gathering of 120 students on ‘Swami Vivekananda’s Vision for Healthy Personality’. Swamiji stressed about the importance of healthy inner personality through below story:

Swami Athmashraddhananda once happened to hear a speech from an experienced professor from Maharashtra two months back. One of her students was a young girl who went for a camp on vacation for one week. After she returned, the professor observed some changes in her personalities, namely the way she tied up her hair, the way she dressed, the way she wore tie, the way she sat, etc. She asked her about the transformation. She replied that she went for a personality development camp. The professor asked her about what were taught in the personality development camp. The girl replied, “They taught many things. They taught me how to talk politely to others, how to say thank you, how to say sorry when something goes wrong, how to open the door, how to walk, and how to dress for the occasions. They also taught me how to dance in a party and how to sing.” The professor observed what she said closely, and asked, “Is this what they teach you in personality development camp?”. She replied, “Yes”. Then she asked, “Did they teach you how to control mind? Did they teach you how to control anger? Did they teach you how to overcome your bad mood? Did they teach you how to face failure? Did they teach you how to remain humble when you become successful? Did they teach you how to respect your parents?”. The girl replied, “No, none of these things Madam”. The professor questioned in surprise, “What kind of personality development is then this? We are only polishing the external. Of course that is required. We should have some polishing in the external in order for our life to move smoothly. But polishing the external alone will not make our life smooth. You must go deeper. You must polish yourself inside. What is the use of polishing a motor cycle externally when everything inside of it is rusted?”

Swamiji also mentioned that, In this materialistic world it seems that character is outdated. But it is not. Today competitiveness is the only factor that is recognized in order to become successful. But there is another factor which makes you sustainable in your life. That is trustworthiness. Trustworthiness comes from character.

Mr.Pramod Kumar addressed the students on the topic, “Model for the Modern Youth”, title of the book itself.

After lunch break, a Power Point Presentation Competition was conducted. Since the topics were sent to the colleges a week before, some students utilized that one week given to them and came prepared for their presentation. Students from various engineering colleges participated.

Finally Yuva Shakthi’s member Ms.Vijayalakshmi handled a presentation on ‘Swami Vivekananda’s Vision for Young India’ which was well received by students. After the distribution of prizes and valedictory address by Dr.S.Paulraj, NSS co-ordinator of Anna University, Vote of Thanks was delivered by Ms.Sindhuja, Member, YuvaShakthi.


One thought on “Seminar on Swami Vivekananda’s Vision for Young India

  1. Sir/Madam, its very nice to see your Wonderful activities. May God Bless us all more to keep going on progressively.
    kaashi viswanatha varma, chennai, presently, in singapore on work.

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