Yuva Shakthi

Youth Welfare Association, Chennai

About Us

Yuva Shakthi, is a Registered, Voluntary, non-political organization aimed at the Welfare of Youth. Blossomed on 2nd October, 1998, Yuva Shakthi has as its slogan – “Arise, Awake, Achieve” that signifies the objectives of the Organization more profoundly:

  1. To arouse the potential personality in the youth
  2. To awaken their social conscience and
  3. To strive to achieve a Better India through Better Youth.

Better youth become better citizens and better citizens build better nation. “Better Youth” mean not just youngsters with better career, but also with better character; not just with better talents, but also with better thoughts; not just being better personalities, but also being better patriots.

With the inspiration of Swami Vivekananda and the stuff of Subramaniya Bharathi and Mahatma Gandhi, Yuva Shakthi thought it fit to rekindle the inherent patriotic spirit hidden in every youth, so that nation-building becomes easier. It gives us immense sense of satisfaction that we could venture into and successfully sustain for 15 years, in a field, the field of youngsters, at a time when there are a lot of distractions and negative factors that try to pull youngsters down and misuse their energies.

Yuva Shakthi, in its journey so far, has reached out to more than 1,00,000 youngsters through various programs. Resource persons from various walks of life have shared their valuable perceptions on specific topics in these programs. Yuva Shakthi has been constantly engaged in bombarding the youngsters’ minds with a variety of innovative packages so that their energies could be channelised in a purposeful and worthy direction.

Vision, Mission and Values


  • To strengthen the physical and psychological powers of the youth and to invigorate their national conscience so as to build a Better Society


  • To harness the potentials of the youth towards positive purposes
  • To enrich their intellect and fine-tune their mind
  • To enhance the personal and professional competence of youngsters
  • To create awareness on contemporary issues
  • To arouse the patriotic fervor of the youth
  • To motivate the youth to make value-addition to the society


  • Purity of Thought and Clarity of Action
  • Plain Living and Profound Thinking
  • Shedding the Self and Sublimating to Higher Ideals

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